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Perfect Blender Pink Ergonomic

4.95€ Ex Tax: 4.09€
  • Brand: Vanity Tools
  • Product Code: VS245002
  • Availability: Out Of Stock


The secret to getting a flawless face is simple: a perfect blur. 

With Blender ® Perfect makeup base melts onto the skin without beginning or end, becoming invisible, providing a uniform tone. 

We can use our sponge with all the textures in the product that we want a great deal on the gradual and type "airbrush" skin and is particularly suitable for fluid and creamy products. 


It is a non-latex sponge, hypoallergenic and odor free. Get a professional finish and a flawless result. Its shape makes it easy borderless access to the most difficult places such as nostrils or eyes, where the tip of the sponge is ideal and also your touch is very pleasant to apply products on my face. 


Wet your Perfect Blender and watch doubles in size, drain the water and remove the excess moisture with a towel ... is now ready to use! 

Apply the product to the face and spread evenly giving little touches with the wet sponge in the case of powder, wet sponge and then apply them to the skin, the result will surprise !. 

We recommend washing your sponge after each use with soap and water or soft gel.

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